Thank you for visiting my page! I want this blog to be a place to share my ideas, experiences, inspirations and resources for all the exciting processes surrounding home, family, creativity, and all the crazy things that make us wonder. I enjoy cooking, baking, crafting, gardening and more. My favorite hobby is taking old and/or broken things, mesh and reconfigure, and create something ‘new’ and creative, sometimes even practical. I will post some of my “Franken-pieces” of past and future.

I am a writer (aspiring for credentials), so please visit The Poet’s Nook and other pages as they come. I will share recent reads and eventually (fingers crossed) a book club. I am working on a site specifically for my writing, which will be linked to this site, once it is published.

This site is under construction, so please excuse the dust. As I build this site, I hope you will find enjoyment in what I post. Please, join the coffee clutch and the discussions. I look forward to knowing your thoughts.

Bexxi Rue